Dr. Charles A. Barrett, PhD, NCSP, to speak at ASPP/PSU Conference as Bernreuter Lecturer November 9th, 2023

Social Justice is About Privilege, Implicit Bias, and Intersectionality

For those who might be new to thinking about social justice and its relationship to achieving equitable outcomes in schools, a common question is, Where do I begin?  This session explores three foundational constructs for understanding social justice: privilege, implicit bias, and intersectionality. Additionally, it discusses the importance of individuals engaging in self-reflection to become more aware of how these concepts can negatively affect their professional practice. Although educators are committed to serving children, families, schools, and communities, based on our own intersecting identities and lived experiences, we also have different histories with racism, prejudice, discrimination, inequity, and systems of power and privilege that affect how we view the world (NASP, 2016).  Allowing ourselves the time and space to think critically about, and perhaps wrestle with, these constructs is a necessary first step in promoting equitable outcomes in our respective settings.

Social Justice is About More Than Numbers

To help attendees accurately understand children’s functioning and performance, this session focuses on assessment approaches that gather different types of information from a variety of sources.  Specific attention is given to evaluating racially and ethnically minoritized (REM) students, including English Learners (ELs) and children living in low-income and economic marginalization (LIEM), for gifted education and Black students for social, emotional, and behavioral difficulties (e.g., Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - ADHD).  Implications for developing socially just assessment and identification processes to improve equitable outcomes in schools and school systems will be discussed.

Charles A. Barrett, PhD, NCSP, a district-level administrator in Virginia, practiced as a school psychologist for 13 years at the elementary and secondary levels. He serves as an adjunct lecturer at several universities, where he is actively involved in the training and development of future school psychologists. Dr. Barrett was named School Psychologist of the Year by the Virginia Academy of School Psychologists and received the Rookie of the Year Award from the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP). His past leadership positions within NASP include co-chair of the Social Justice Task Force and African American Subcommittee, chair of the Multicultural Affairs and Social Justice Committees, and Virginia Delegate to the NASP Leadership Assembly. Dr. Barrett serves on the editorial boards of School Psychology Review and School Psychology. He is a frequent speaker and workshop presenter for educators, families, and community organizations. His website is www.charlesbarrett.org


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