Celebrating PA's Dr. Szarko as National School Psychologist of the Year!

We have had so much to celebrate this year in Pennsylvania, with two PA school psychologists of the year, and our very own Dr. Julia Szarko being awarded the National School Psychologist of the Year award from NASP. Congratulations, Dr. Szarko! To celebrate her accomplishments, we are acknowledging her with her own special spotlight.

In this SPOTLIGHT, you will be able to read more about Dr. Szarko’s work and view her award acceptance speech from the NASP convention. You will also be able to access an ASPP interview conducted with Dr. Szarko, during which she shares her professional accomplishments and what it means to her to be NASP’s School Psychologist of the Year. Please take a moment to watch her interview for some professional inspiration!

We are so proud of Dr. Szarko, and we look forward to seeing more great things from her!