PA HELPS Grant open thru May 31st

The PA Mental Health Education Learning Program in Schools (PA HELPS) Internship Grant is still open and accepting applications to participate.  If you have not already done so, please sign up if you are either going to be an intern in PA next year AND a resident of PA or if you are hosting a PA resident intern.  Both interns and LEAs must be signed up in order to participate.  And…remember, if you are an LEA, you do not have to use local monies to pay for the intern(s)!!! 
So, again, If you're a school looking to participate as an eligible local education agency (LEA) or a student looking to intern as a school mental health worker (school psychologist internships are included in this grant), head to to begin the application process today!
The application is live on the PHEAA website until May 31, 2023.