January 2024 Member Spotlight / ASPP Accolade, Dr. Marissa Reed

Marissa was nominated as the January Monthly Member Spotlight/ASPP Accolade recipient as a result of her Visionary Leadership. Marissa is a true leader who has exceptional skills in the areas of interpersonal relationship building, organization, and visionary leadership. She is always taking the initiative to improve departmental procedures to address the needs of students while also supporting school staff. Marissa consistently demonstrates strengths in her collaboration with colleagues in order to problem-solve and create solutions to common challenges faced daily in education, despite the many barriers encountered. Consistent with the Core Value of Visionary Leadership, Marissa approaches her work with “optimism, energy, and professionalism, working pragmatically with ‘what is’ while moving toward ‘what can be.’” Marissa is described as a kind and knowledgeable mentor who is always willing to assist and provide support to colleagues, staff, parents, and friends. Her thoughtfulness extends well beyond the professional realm. Congratulations, Marissa!

We want to continue to recognize you, our everyday heroes across the various regions in Pennsylvania for the work that you do.  Please complete the ASPP Accolade Monthly Member Spotlight Nomination Form 
to nominate a school psychologist who acts as an everyday hero. In order to be selected as a feature, this member should demonstrate one or more of the following core values:
- Advocacy
- Continuous Improvement
- Collaboration
- Diversity
- Focus on Children and Youth
- Integrity
- Visionary Leadership 
School psychologists who are selected for the monthly member spotlight from September to May of an academic year will be considered for the ASPP School Psychologist of the Year award announced in the subsequent Fall. Thank you ASPP Members!  We challenge you to share with us the wonderful stories of school psychologists acting as everyday heroes in Pennsylvania!